Taiwan Customs Launched a New Online Platform for Border Protection

In a news alert published in this column in July this year, we provided an overview of an information exchange platform Taiwan Customs proposed to install for border protection. We are happy to report now that this online platform has been put into operation this month after the Customs formally implemented the amendment to the “Implementing Rules for Protecting the Rights and Interests in Trademark on the Border” on September 15, 2021. 

From this new online platform, a trademark owner can readily retrieve available data, including digital photo files of suspected infringing goods for verification purposes, thus alleviating his/her burden to appear within a 24-hour time limit at the customs house to verity whether a batch of suspected infringing goods are counterfeits or not.

We are confident that this platform will enhance our collaboration with the Customs and other anti-counterfeiting units in Taiwan to protect clients’ brands.